Passports, Christian Grey, Orange Buzz, Trance, Monsters and France! #LittleLoves


2015-07-31 15.34.57

I’ve been reading this blooming leaflet all week making sure i got the boys passport applications right… yes i know the Post Office do a check and send service, but i am a tight bum and wanted to save myself £20!! Also i soon realised that i would need to send our marriage certificate with their applications as my passport is still in my maiden name (again i am a tight bum and refuse to buy another passport at full cost just to change my name) and the boys birth certificates have my married name on them… oi is nothing ever simple!!!


Ooh Er Misses… i finally watched 50 Shades of Grey. I only read the first book in the trilogy as wasn’t keen on how it was written and i thought ‘how the devil are they going to convey some of the scenes into a film?’ However, i thought Jamie Dornan playing Christian Grey and Dakota Johnson playing Anastasia Steele were the perfect people for the job, so well done Hollywood for picking them. I actually really enjoyed the film and thought it was very tastefully presented… I also thought Mr Grey was hot and got a little flush cheeked in parts but that may have been the Pinot Grigio i was drinking?


2015-07-25 11.33.23
Damn you Summer giving us what felt like Wintery weather last week, to brighten my day because the Sun wasn’t going to do it i wore some bright orange nail varnish. This one was Orange Buzz by Rimmel, my favourite is still Coralicious by Rimmel but i’m going to save that for my holidays.


I can’t put Stereophonics again can I? Even though i have been blasting ‘I wanna get lost with you’ all week, so i am going to go with a classic. Every now and again, i need to get my steps up on my fitbit and have a burst of energy so i pop this tune on and dance with the boys in my kitchen. I have worked out i can up my steps by 1000 if i dance like a loon for the whole duration of the song!


2015-07-25 12.04.21
One rainy day this week, whilst Fred was napping. Rowan and I made this paperbag monster puppet. It was a bargain of £1 in the local co-op and they give you everything you need (bar scissors) to make 2 paperbag puppets…. we are saving the other puppet for another rainy day so you’ll probably see it next week if UK weather has anything to go by!


We have booked our first ever family holiday… i feel terrible that Rowan is almost 4 and we have never been on a proper holiday yet. We are lucky to have family down in Cornwall and the in’laws live in Brixham so we have had our fair share of long weekends but this is a real holiday, in a foreign country! Ollie has been building up his business and this is the first chance we have had really to go away. I  have posted off the boys passports today… hope there are no problems as we go on the 14th Sept! We are heading to Eurocamp in France, to say i am excited is beyond belief! When i told Rowan all about our holiday and that we will be going on a big boat etc, he said ‘WOW… we’re going on an aeroplane!’ Gulp, nope, no we’re not son! I think he understands now that we are going on the boat (or he’s going to be really disappointed) he keeps telling everyone that he is going on his holidays and that there is a TV on the boat. We are going overnight from Plymouth and he is so excited that there is a TV in our room, not sure how to break it to him that there is no TV in our accommodation at Eurocamp LOL!  Just over 6 weeks until our holiday, i need to start working out more!!!

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King, Outcast, Coconut Oil, Stereophonics, Chicken & Filofax! #littleloves



I used to read a lot of Stephen King books when i was a teenager, i came across this one on a charity stall, so got it for 30p! I’m only a chapter in and i’m already hooked, i just like the way King writes, i will hopefully be more into it this time next week so i will let you all know how it goes, you never know with Stephen King how far fetched the story may go but i think this is a more realistic story of his!



I watched the 2 part drama The Outcast this week. It was shown on BBC1 and was an adaptation of the novel written by Sadie Jones. The first episode had me gripped, i won’t spoil it but it was very emotional and the little boy actor was fabulous. You really feel empathy for the boys character and just want to grab him and give him a massive motherly hug. I have to say though, i was a little disappointed with the 2nd episode, it felt like it didn’t really go anywhere in the one and a half hours it was on. The emotion wasn’t there like the first episode, what felt like a really great drama after episode one, was completely lost on episode 2.



This week i wore coconut oil in my hair, i’ve been doing this once a month for a couple of months now. I just put coconut oil through my hair on the days i know we are staying in for the day (and just hope no one turns up on my doorstep unexpected!) – i leave it as long as i possibly can and then wash it out. It leaves my hair so silky and smooth after. My hair took quite a beating after my 2 pregnancies and coconut oil is definitely helping repair it. A little tip if anyone wants to try coconut oil as a hair treatment, put the shampoo straight onto the hair before wetting it, i find it gets the oil out a lot better this way.


Yes, i’ve gone for another Stereophonics song this week, it’s their new release ‘I wanna get lost with you’ and it is beautiful. I was a big fan of the band in my late teens and have seen them in concert a few times. Recently however, i have loved everything that they have brought out, ‘Indian Summer’, ‘C’est la vie’ and now this little gem!



I made a lovely roast chicken in my slow cooker, i just coated it in smoked paprika and put it on low for 6 hours. The meat just falls off and i get a great result every time i cook it like this, it also frees up lots of space in the oven so it’s easier to cook a roast dinner. I buy a medium free range chicken from aldi and i can spread it out over 3 meals for the 4 of us!


2015-07-22 21.16.15

I have re-fallen in love with my filofax! I was starting to regret replacing my Collins Elite Compact diary at the start of the year with my filofax, i just couldn’t get on with it, so in a last ditched attempt i purchased the Paperchase 18 month diary insert. It arrived today and i am over the moon, the layout is so much clearer than the filofax ones, it is also lined and it is just so much better. I can not wait to start filling it up tonight when the boys are in bed (how sad!) I may have even looked up #filofaxaddict on Instagram to see how i can make it look pretty (again, how sad!)


Week 1 of 8: Health & Fitness Challenge Weigh In



Has it really been a whole week already since i posted about starting my 8 week health and fitness challenge?

Well i weighed in this morning and i am down 3 pounds!!!! I’m very happy with this and i even had a treat meal Friday of a Chinese take out… remember it’s about eating less and moving more. So this is how some of my week looked…



Above are some of the meals i have been eating this week;

Top l-r: spinach and cheese omellete with fromage frais and salsa, lean bacon, lettuce and tomato salad with a brioche roll, chicken salad with mild chillies, baby beetroot and grated cheese.

Centre l-r: chicken dinner soup, fresh veggies ready for roasting, spinach and cottage cheese omellete which ended up like scrambled egg!

Bottom l-r: Spinach and egg scramble, nut roast dinner with roasted veg and salad, sausage vegetable bake.

I have felt like i have really eaten lots this week but have tried to keep it as clean as possible. I’ve had some lovely meals and tried some new recipes. I will write this weeks meal plan in a blog post tomorrow.


I’ve been getting my steps in and even been out walking in the crazy British Summer rain to get those steps up! I also managed an evening workout as i was offered a free trial of Mummy Workouts – it’s a web cam based exercise class! You follow the instructor live on your computer and you have the choice of turning your web cam on so only the instructor can see you and offer you personal support or if you are a little shy like me when first starting a new exercise class (yes i was the person who stood right at the back when i used to go to classes at the local leisure centre!) you can leave your camera off. The workout was a good one and i was sweating after (and ached for a couple of days too). I like the idea of web cam based classes but i can not always comment to doing a class at a certain time in the evening – hence why i am a big fan of the youtube channel Fitness Blender. However, Mummy Workouts will soon be recording the workouts so they will be on demand too, which is great and it is also a low cost option compared to classes at the gym (currently £12 a month).


My steps are automatically recorded using my fitbit but i failed a bit recording my food on myfitness pal and also i forgot to record my Mummy Workouts one too. I have a ‘Diet Doodle Diary‘ that i purchased from The Works for £2.99 and keep meaning to use that, so i i will try harder this week.



I’ve enjoyed this first week, i know i still have lots of areas of improvement, especially in terms of doing more exercise. The food aspect, i have really enjoyed eating lots of fresh fruit, veggies and salads. My mood has been really good, even though most of the week the weather has been gloomy (the weather always affects my mood). My energy levels are up but i am still needing 2-3 cups of caffeine a day and i am drinking nowhere near my recommended water intake, this is something i am really going to improve this week. I am more than happy with the 3lb weight loss, now if i can keep it up to 2lb a week i will have lost over a stone during this challenge – wouldn’t that be fabulous?!!

Have you been joining in with the challenge? Let me know how you are getting on!

How To Get A Bad Sleeper To Sleep Through The Night

We currently have our house on the market, therefore we decided to keep Fred our toddler in our bedroom until the time comes for us to move. There were 2 reasons for this, 1) Why disrupt him, moving him into Rowan’s room when we may (fingers crossed) move house soon? and 2) He is the lightest sleeper known to man, therefore he wakes A LOT, and that would mean him waking his brother… now one tired toddler i can cope with, 2 tired children… erm no thank you! (We also put the house on the market in October last year and were probably a bit optimistic that it would sell soon, hence why we didn’t move him).

2015-07-12 18.51.09

So he is now 18 months old and still in our room, i kind of like having him right next to me, he will be the last baby we have so i want to hold onto him being there for as long as i can. However being such a bad light sleeper, i have had hundreds, maybe thousands of rude awakenings in the one and half years he has been on the outside. Recently though, we have had a bit of a breakthrough! Since the warm weather has arrived we have made a few changes that have had a positive impact on Fred’s sleep – yay! I thought i would share them with you too. I’ve split this into 3 parts, firstly what we have done to help Fred sleep, secondly, what we need to do to continue with this positive improvement with sleep and thirdly, things i would love to change but is totally out of my control, so here goes.

Things we have done to help Fred sleep:

1.  We bought a cheapy fan from Argos –

2015-07-12 18.51.53I’m not sure whether it is the cooling effect or the low humming noise that is helping him to sleep, but i find it very soothing too! Fred has a very hot head at bed time (in fact both our boys do!) About an hour after the boys go to bed, we check on them and their hair is saturated with sweat, even in the middle of Winter this happens, is it just my boys this happens too? So…

2.  We bought the boys Climate Control Pillows from Aldi

2015-07-12 18.51.22They only cost £5.99 for the pair of pillows and £3.99 for the covers. It hasn’t stopped them sweating completely but Fred especially seems a lot more comfortable, so i think the pillow has been a great help!

3. Read him the same short story each night –


Whilst the boys have their milk sat in Rowan’s room, i read them a different story each night, but when i take Fred up to his bed, i read him Cock-a-moo-moo. It’s a story Rowan used to love before bed so we have started to read it to Fred, he is great at going to sleep though, that isn’t really the problem we have but a bit of routine to a toddler is always soothing i feel.

Ok moving on…

Things we still need to do to help with this positive improvement with sleep:

2015-07-12 18.52.11

Like i said previously, we do not have a problem with Fred going off to sleep, in fact once he has had his story and we kiss him good night, he points at the door and tells you to go!! We have solved the problem with the night time wake ups as we believe Fred gets too hot and becomes uncomfortable. However, as he is in our room on the 3rd floor of the house, we have 3 windows that all let in light and now we are in the middle of Summer, it gets light bloomin’ early! I think this is what wakes Fred up at silly hours of the morning. VELUX are a company that offer great blackout blinds but as we are moving soon, we do not want to pay too much for something that we may have to leave behind, these Itzala blackout blinds are a great option for us as they are a low cost value option.




Things i would love to change but is totally out of my control!

1. Move away from the church that is right outside our house!


And when i say it’s right outside our house, i mean right outside. It is a beautiful church to look at but i’m not so fond of it at 7:40pm every Wednesday when they have bell ringing practice!! They blast the bells until 9pm and EVERY week it wakes our Fred up. Sunday mornings aren’t so bad as we have usually been up since 6am onwards (hence why we need to get the blackout blind pronto!)

2 Get Ollie to stop a) snoring b) talking in his sleep c) laughing in his sleep d) all of the above!


As much as i love this man, he is so noisy when he is asleep, i know it is not his fault but when he does disturb Fred and wakes him up, Ollie remains fast asleep through the whole ordeal. He then mutters the fatal words in the morning… ‘think Fred had a good night last night’, he soon gets the death stare from me as i inform him of the 6 wake ups i sorted out!

Well, hopefully this post has given you some ideas on how to improve your little ones sleep. For all those sleep deprived parents out there… who needs sleep anyway, it’s so overrated! Right? If you could all keep your fingers crossed that we have finally cracked sleeping through the night with Fred, i would be greatly appreciative!


Orange, Limes & Letters #littleloves


This week i have been desperate and i mean desperate to get into a book. I always love the thought of sitting down in the evenings with a glass of wine and a good book. I’ve had these two books gathering dust by my bed for a while.

2015-07-06 19.29.55

Needless to say, i have not started either of them but i will! I think i am going to try Eloise first, i just need to stop getting distracted by Eastenders, watching Youtube videos and reading blogs in the evenings!



I bloomin’ love Netflix, i started the free trial in December and i still am subscribed, this week i have watched the last episodes of Season 3 of Orange is the New Black. If you watch this series, you will know how easy it is to watch and get hooked. Lovely Netflix put the whole season online so no waiting around! I did start to binge watch but then paced myself a little. I am now looking for a new series to watch… please put your suggestions below.



The weather has been hit and miss at the start of this week, it’s been warm but kind of wintery too, I’ve been loving this pretty FCUK top that i got for an absolute bargain in Trago Mills in Newton Abbot (good ol Trago) for £5… that’s right £5 in the sale. It’s a genuine top too, it’s cool and flattering as doesn’t cling to my wobbly bits he he!


There are 2 songs that the husband and i have been blasting this week once the kids are in bed and we are working on our computers. Now to really appreciate these you need to turn them up LOUD!

The gorgeous Brandon Flowers and one of my favourite bands when i was a late teen… the Stereophonics!


2015-07-05 19.34.38

*sorry the photo is blurry* I made this lime and coconut loaf on Sunday, i had all the ingredients in the cupboard and was in the mood to bake, it was so nice, i think it was all gone by Monday evening, so was a hit with my boys! If you would like to make this, the recipe can be found HERE.


2015-07-06 14.57.01

The boys have finally took an interest in Arts and Crafts, they actually sit down for more than 2 minutes and enjoy creating and making a mess. The thing that they have loved doing this week is making letters for everyone, they basically stuff envelopes (i bought a load from poundland) with their drawings, add a sticker for a stamp and then drawer the recipient on the envelope. Gran and Nan have about 20 letters each coming their way soon!


8 Week Health & FItness Challenge

photo-1434037976782-d640a18e522bAs some of you may be aware i run Katie Hopkin’s Fat Club on Facebook. We currently have 6577 members all making a positive change to their lives through eating less and moving more. Although i admin the group, i also get extremely inspired everyday reading how everyone is reaching their goals.

When i took part in the TLC programme last year, we had 10 weeks to see what we were capable of by just eating less and moving more, we ended up only having 8 weeks to lose weight and i still managed to lose a whole stone. Since then, i have been trying to maintain, sometimes i go up and then i go back down. So i have been hovering at the same place since December last year. I find that lots of things take up my time and i put fitness especially on the back burner, so i have gone a little soft round the edges shall we say and i want to change this.

Therefore i am setting my self another 8 week goal, as last year that time flew by and it really isn’t that long in the grand scheme of things. We go on holiday to France in September and i want to feel good in my skin when we go. However, I have a goal date in mind 29th August 2015 – this is the bank holiday weekend and we are heading to Brixham. I am booking a lovely restaurant for Ollie and I to go to as my treat for completing the 8 week challenge.

So what is the challenge? Well i have an ideal weight in mind but that is just a number, i want to focus on putting clean food into my body and doing regular exercise, reaching 10,000+ steps a day on my fitbit on top of that, whatever the result at the end of the 8 weeks will be my goal, as long as i know i have done everything in my power to eat less and move more i will have succeeded, if i say i want to be a certain weight by then and i don’t get there even when i have worked my butt off, then i will be disappointed, which is a shame as i will be looking at what i haven’t achieved instead of what i have!

I will be focusing on 4 areas:

8weekgoalFood – i will keep a record some of the meals i have been eating (daily on my Instagram) and do a round up of them on my blog.

Move – i will log what workouts i have completed and how many steps i have achieved for the previous week.

Record – i will record everything in a fitness journal by my bed and then summarise my week on here to see patterns of what is working and what isn’t.

Reflect – I think a large element of my weight (gain or loss) is emotional, so i will reflect on all the positives of what i have achieved in my week of eating less and moving more. I always go straight for the negatives, i.e I ate a chocolate bar :( rather than think, to be fair i have been working out lots and eating clean, one chocolate bar is fine!

I will do an update post every Monday with my (hopeful) weight loss and touch on each of the above points too.

I’m excited to see, with a little hard work, what i am capable of doing to my body in 8 weeks. If you want to join me leave a comment on what you would like to achieve in those 8 weeks or better still join Fat Club on Facebook! (link above)

Wish me luck!

Me and Mine | June 2015

It’s the end of June already and i’m still scratching my head trying to think where did that month go?

We had a busy month this month (well i did anyway) but let me go straight into this months Me and Mine family portrait, can you see who photo-bombed us?


This was only taken yesterday, we went to Paignton Zoo for the day (blog and vlog to follow!) and we were fortunate enough to get to the Lions just as the big male was roaring (Fred was a little scared by the noise) and then this young ‘friendly’ female lion came over to meet us and have a photo. She was particularly interested Rowan – think she was thinking ‘mmmmm snack!’

So this month, we attended a friend’s wedding, had a family get together where we met our little nephew Henry, a Sun photoshoot (again blog to follow but you can see the vlog HERE) attended my first ever Brit Mums Live!!! and vlogged about it HERE. We celebrated Father’s Day up Dartmoor (vlog HERE) Then finally had a weekend down in Torbay where we caught the boat from Brixham to Torquay, Ol and i managed a date night enjoying a meal over looking Brixham Harbour and finally we had an epic day at the Zoo! Phew!

I’ve also been trying to concentrate on my blog (i’ve updated the look of it – do you like?) and will update more regularly and also been enjoying vlogging. I’m not sure my videos are everyone’s cup of tea but i really enjoy looking back on them!

Oh and finally at the tender age of 34 and half years old i got ID’ed buying a bottle of beer in Morrison’s yesterday! (they ask if they think you look under 25) Now i would say June was a bloody good month for me!!

dear beautiful


Look at what is right in front of you.

I love social media, blogging & networking, I genuinely do love it but it’s getting a little bittersweet for me at the moment.

As a mum you start to realise it’s the ordinary little things that your children do that make such precious moments, for example Fred loves sitting at the top of the stairs, he pats the next step up for me to sit with him, he giggles and finds the whole scenario hilarious. The other day when he did this, I quickly got my phone out and instagramed the moment for everyone to see.

Screenshot 2015-06-30 at 11.43.09

So now I have this perfect little log of a sweet moment with my youngest boy, but recently something has been bugging me… Why didn’t I just sit with him and enjoy the moment? why didn’t I get more involved and giggle with him? why did I have to make it a priority to take the photo? I worry that sometimes I take such photos because I think people will ultimately like them and show me by pressing the little red heart button… I hope that I take such photos to keep a permanent reminder for me and not worry if people like it or not.

I just find with social media it does have a way of captivating you and pulling you in, you do check to see how many people follow and secretly hope that the numbers are going in the right direction.

Recently, I have been attached to a number of projects, I have been checking my emails, social media more and more, I have started to worry that I hear myself more frequently say to the boys ‘I’ll be with you in a minute’ or ‘we’ll do that later as we don’t have time now’ (even when we do have time) :( I wonder how many little precious moments have disappeared forever because I couldn’t take 5 minutes to look up from my phone, I wonder how many smiles I have missed or giggles that haven’t happened because I wasn’t there to create them because I decided it was more important to send an email.

I have the most amazing thing right in front of my eyes and no instagram like, Facebook follower, Twitter retweet is going to change that.

With all due respect, followers, likes, comments, page views don’t mean that much to me….they’re important but have no real meaning in the grand scheme of things. Giggles, laughs, cuddles, kisses mean everything, they have no monetary value but give me more joy than anything on social media can offer me. I love my little space on the internet, i really do and i hope if anyone is reading this i am not coming across as a bit of a negative Nancy but somedays i wish there was no internet, no distractions, they are too easy and they take me away from what is really important, my boys. I just need to find the right balance and learn to STOP LOOKING AT MY PHONE/COMPUTER! Wow, i feel better for getting that off my chest!

My Week in Pictures #1


(Top L-R)

  • Meeting the Twirlywoos at #britmumslive
  • Seeing my baby fast asleep when i got in after 2 whole days and 1 night away, i was so hoping he or his brother would wake up but i had to wait until the next morning.
  • Ollie and the boys at Dartmoor enjoying Father’s Day.

(Middle L-R)

  • Rowan’s photography skills, he took this photo of Mummy, Daddy and Fred at Widecombe in the Moor, Father’s Day
  • Rowan and Fred loving having their photo taken, they posed for this one and shouted to me to take a photo!

(Bottom L-R)

  • Naughty me went out with some girl friends on a school night! It was only to the local Wetherspoons, boy did i enjoy those Coldwater Creek Pinot Grigio’s though!
  • Fred in his favourite place in the whole wide world, on the top step of the middle floor of our house! He thinks it’s hilarious, we haven’t quite discovered why?
  • My eldest boy, he’s becoming so independent, he even offered to do the washing up for me, who am i to say no to help with the housework!

The Awesomeness of BritMums Live 2015


Have you seen my BritMums Live vlog, here it is if you fancy a nosey.

It’s now Wednesday and Brit Mums Live is well and truly over *sob*, i have to say i am experiencing post blog conference blues… big time! Not only did i pop my blog conference cherry but i also got to hang out with an awesome group of girlies who very kindly let me join their gang for the event. Please check out their blogs as they are all awesome and write much better blogs than mine! Claire (The Witt Family), Emma (With Happy Hearts), Jeni (Poole Mamma), Natalie (One Busy WAHM) and Amy (Everything Mummy)- thank you so much for a fabulous weekend! Same again next year?

I wrote my post Brit Mums post on the train home, i was still on a high from the conference and had 3 whole hours to fill so i am going to type up what i wrote as it is all a bit of a blur now! So here goes…

I have just experienced the wonder that is Brit Mums Live. I’ve known about this event for a few years but this year i took the plunge and bought a ticket (well my husband talked me into it as he knew i would he sat home regretting it if i didn’t go). I was fortunate to meet with a lovely group (names and links above), which made the experience even better. So as a first timer, here is what i learnt.

  1. Bloggers are lovely – There was such a friendly atmosphere the whole 2 days, when talking to brands, people interacted with each other rather than try and out do each other (not that i expected that anyway!)
  2. Information Overload! – You take a LOT of information in a short amount of time, i’m drafting this on the train home and my head feels like it’s going to explode with all the inspiration and information inside of it.
  3. Not all sessions may be what you expect – Now this maybe my own fault as there may have been more information on the BritMums website for each session, but when i attended the ‘Marketing your Writing’ session, i thought this was going to be in regard to my blog writing but it turned out to be a session on how to get yourself a book published – something i have no desire to do and felt sad that i wasted a session.
  4. You can’t do everything! Firstly, there was probably 2 sessions in every block that i wanted to do and i could only choose 1, sometimes i felt i made the right decision and as stated above, sometimes i made the wrong decision. There was so many faces that i recognised so well from the virtual world and it was so nice seeing them in the fleshbut i didn’t get time to talk to them all. Aby You Baby Me Mummy was one person i really wanted to say hi too but i just didn’t find the time. I did however get to say hi to Emma Brummy Mummy of 2 and Ceri Ginger Warrior both gorgeous and bubbly.
  5. You will get very broody! The babies were all gorgeous, all the Mummy’s deserved a medal as i found it so tiring and overwhelming and i didn’t have a little person to look after and carry around with me! Little Harry (Oh So Amelia) just melted my heart with his cuteness and other cuties including The Mummy Adventure & Ghostwriter Mummy babies, both of which i have seen grow from bump to baby.
  6. You will experience the whole spectrum of human emotion in a 48 hour period – Seriously, this weekend i have felt nerves, excitement, joy, inspiration, overwhelmed… I’ve laughed (mainly at wrapping James Daddy Space up in bog roll to break the Guinness World Record for most Mummies wrapped in one room), i’ve giggled (wine may have been involved here – thanks Lindemans) I’ve teared up with joy for every winner of a Bib award – Hayley Down Side Up got me good when she went up for her award! And i shed tears of emotion (Victoria Wright – wow, just wow!) and the key note speakers – the power of the words in their blog posts makes me so proud of everyone in this blogging community.
  7. You will come home inspired – I feel sad that BritMums is all over, it’s like when the hype of Christmas is all over and all the festive magic has gone – but the impact these 2 little days have had will remain with me for a while. I have made amazing friends (i hope!) with people who have a mutual understanding of loving their children so much they want to document every tiny detail

BritMums you were everything i hoped you would be… see you all there next year!

Here is a little video i put together of my photos (not many as i was so busy!) thanks to Realtimes, they were one of the brands at this years BritMums – i think i am going to write a separate post on them as i was so impressed with what they had to offer. You may be seeing more of these montages on the blog in the future!