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Remember This When Sorting Access For Your Kids!

Unfortunately, i know of family and friends who have split up recently and the kids can often end up in the middle of drama when it comes to sorting out access after their parents have split. Parents need to ensure it runs smoothly for the child’s benefit, as well as for them. Here are some things you need to remember when sorting out access for your kids. flickr   You should talk to your ex   Before going to arrange it through others which can end up being very messy, you need to try and sort it out with your […]


Get Ready for Summer Challenge – Week2 Summary

So i’m 2 weeks into my Get Ready for Summer Challenge – so far so good! I have definitley improved my eating habits but the odd unwanted biscuit or glass of vino has been sneaking in! I’ve already got a bit complacent with recording my food into myfitnesspal so going to commit to this for the whole week. I have been meal planning for the past 2 weeks which has helped but some meals have been quite a process to make, so i have had to skip the odd meal because of timings, so going to focus on quicker, healthier […]


It’s Not About The Kids…

I’ve been thinking about this for a long time. I grew up in an age with no social media or internet, all this posting of lives online is very new to me. When I started my blog i wanted to keep a record of my early motherhood years, however the older my boys are getting the more uncomfortable I feel about sharing their lives on the internet when they have no choice in the matter. The more I see Mum’s online share every delicate moment of their child’s development, the more uncomfortable I feel. I wonder how many moments are […]


Get Ready For Summer Challenge!!

Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous in the UK. Living in sunny Devon we headed straight to the beach, i had a wonderful day with my family, there was just one thing that tainted it… how i felt about myself. Since the start of the year, i have put on some weight, we have eaten a lot of take always and convenience food during our house move (however i always managed a good dinner for the boys?!!) Yes, i used moving house as an excuse to eat/drink whatever i wanted… well it was a stressful time! Anyway, back to the beach… i […]


Jetting Off On A Cold Holiday: Here’s Everything That You Need To Know!

This summer, instead of visiting sunny Spain, why not opt to go somewhere different? If you always head to the beach for your family holidays, this year choose to do something a little different. The idea of traveling a little further afield than Italy or Spain might be daunting but don’t stress. Iceland, Finland, and Greenland all have so much to offer and are the perfect destinations for a family vacation. Be it a summer break or a winter one, there’s lots to see and do in each of these countries.     For everything that you need to know […]


How To Make Your Birthday Special When You’ve Got Kids To Think About!

So it’s your birthday soon, and you want to plan a fun way to celebrate, the only problem is that you have little ones to think about. When you become a parent, your whole life changes. You’re no longer free to do whatever you want, whenever you want. Once you become a mother, your life requires a little more planning. However, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be fun.     Just because you’re a parent, that doesn’t mean you can’t spend your birthday however you want to. Like your post-baby life, it’ll just take a little extra planning; that’s […]

Making A Holiday In The UK Unforgettable

Image   There might be many reasons that we decide to spend our holiday in the UK, even if we’re used to travelling abroad. We might have family or work commitments that would make travelling abroad difficult. We may feel that we can manage our finances more effectively if we stay closer to home. Or perhaps we feel that we haven’t explored some of the delights and experiences that are right on our doorstep. Whatever the reason, a holiday in the UK can be just as unforgettable as one anywhere else in the world. The added advantages include no language […]

Exciting Places To Take The Kids This Summer

It’s that time of year again! Parents up and down the country must soon begin to plan what they’ll be doing with their children this coming summer holiday. Every family usually has that one, big summer holiday treat, and if yours is no different, you need inspiration!   It can be quite hard to plan a summer activity and stay within budget, but it’s not impossible. Here in the UK, there are dozens of fine attractions that are suitable for youngsters, families and teenagers alike. Summer is a time to explore, so don’t let it go to waste!   So, […]


Here’s Why You Should Choose France For Your Next Holiday!

  It’s now the time of year where we have to decide where to go to on holiday. A lot of families tend to choose somewhere in Europe. France is becoming a top location for holidays. Here’s why you should choose the country of love as your next holiday destination.   Okay to visit all year round   When choosing where to go on holiday, it can be hard to know what the weather will be like. France tends to have so much to do and see that it doesn’t matter if the sun isn’t shining the whole time you […]

Preparing Your Car For A Family Road Trip

Whether you’re driving to Harry Potter studios or are preparing for a trip on foreign soil, ensuring your car is ready for the job is vital. Family trips out are meant to be enjoyed, and under no circumstances should you have to be worrying about anything!   So, before you go, plan ahead. You’ll need to check every inch of your family car and get it ready for a long journey. Assess your tyre pressure, oil levels and double check all your lights! On top of basic maintenance checks, there are a number of other ways to get your car […]