Me and Mine | June 2015

It’s the end of June already and i’m still scratching my head trying to think where did that month go?

We had a busy month this month (well i did anyway) but let me go straight into this months Me and Mine family portrait, can you see who photo-bombed us?


This was only taken yesterday, we went to Paignton Zoo for the day (blog and vlog to follow!) and we were fortunate enough to get to the Lions just as the big male was roaring (Fred was a little scared by the noise) and then this young ‘friendly’ female lion came over to meet us and have a photo. She was particularly interested Rowan – think she was thinking ‘mmmmm snack!’

So this month, we attended a friend’s wedding, had a family get together where we met our little nephew Henry, a Sun photoshoot (again blog to follow but you can see the vlog HERE) attended my first ever Brit Mums Live!!! and vlogged about it HERE. We celebrated Father’s Day up Dartmoor (vlog HERE) Then finally had a weekend down in Torbay where we caught the boat from Brixham to Torquay, Ol and i managed a date night enjoying a meal over looking Brixham Harbour and finally we had an epic day at the Zoo! Phew!

I’ve also been trying to concentrate on my blog (i’ve updated the look of it – do you like?) and will update more regularly and also been enjoying vlogging. I’m not sure my videos are everyone’s cup of tea but i really enjoy looking back on them!

Oh and finally at the tender age of 34 and half years old i got ID’ed buying a bottle of beer in Morrison’s yesterday! (they ask if they think you look under 25) Now i would say June was a bloody good month for me!!

dear beautiful


Look at what is right in front of you.

I love social media, blogging & networking, I genuinely do love it but it’s getting a little bittersweet for me at the moment.

As a mum you start to realise it’s the ordinary little things that your children do that make such precious moments, for example Fred loves sitting at the top of the stairs, he pats the next step up for me to sit with him, he giggles and finds the whole scenario hilarious. The other day when he did this, I quickly got my phone out and instagramed the moment for everyone to see.

Screenshot 2015-06-30 at 11.43.09

So now I have this perfect little log of a sweet moment with my youngest boy, but recently something has been bugging me… Why didn’t I just sit with him and enjoy the moment? why didn’t I get more involved and giggle with him? why did I have to make it a priority to take the photo? I worry that sometimes I take such photos because I think people will ultimately like them and show me by pressing the little red heart button… I hope that I take such photos to keep a permanent reminder for me and not worry if people like it or not.

I just find with social media it does have a way of captivating you and pulling you in, you do check to see how many people follow and secretly hope that the numbers are going in the right direction.

Recently, I have been attached to a number of projects, I have been checking my emails, social media more and more, I have started to worry that I hear myself more frequently say to the boys ‘I’ll be with you in a minute’ or ‘we’ll do that later as we don’t have time now’ (even when we do have time) :( I wonder how many little precious moments have disappeared forever because I couldn’t take 5 minutes to look up from my phone, I wonder how many smiles I have missed or giggles that haven’t happened because I wasn’t there to create them because I decided it was more important to send an email.

I have the most amazing thing right in front of my eyes and no instagram like, Facebook follower, Twitter retweet is going to change that.

With all due respect, followers, likes, comments, page views don’t mean that much to me….they’re important but have no real meaning in the grand scheme of things. Giggles, laughs, cuddles, kisses mean everything, they have no monetary value but give me more joy than anything on social media can offer me. I love my little space on the internet, i really do and i hope if anyone is reading this i am not coming across as a bit of a negative Nancy but somedays i wish there was no internet, no distractions, they are too easy and they take me away from what is really important, my boys. I just need to find the right balance and learn to STOP LOOKING AT MY PHONE/COMPUTER! Wow, i feel better for getting that off my chest!

My Week in Pictures #1


(Top L-R)

  • Meeting the Twirlywoos at #britmumslive
  • Seeing my baby fast asleep when i got in after 2 whole days and 1 night away, i was so hoping he or his brother would wake up but i had to wait until the next morning.
  • Ollie and the boys at Dartmoor enjoying Father’s Day.

(Middle L-R)

  • Rowan’s photography skills, he took this photo of Mummy, Daddy and Fred at Widecombe in the Moor, Father’s Day
  • Rowan and Fred loving having their photo taken, they posed for this one and shouted to me to take a photo!

(Bottom L-R)

  • Naughty me went out with some girl friends on a school night! It was only to the local Wetherspoons, boy did i enjoy those Coldwater Creek Pinot Grigio’s though!
  • Fred in his favourite place in the whole wide world, on the top step of the middle floor of our house! He thinks it’s hilarious, we haven’t quite discovered why?
  • My eldest boy, he’s becoming so independent, he even offered to do the washing up for me, who am i to say no to help with the housework!

The Awesomeness of BritMums Live 2015


Have you seen my BritMums Live vlog, here it is if you fancy a nosey.

It’s now Wednesday and Brit Mums Live is well and truly over *sob*, i have to say i am experiencing post blog conference blues… big time! Not only did i pop my blog conference cherry but i also got to hang out with an awesome group of girlies who very kindly let me join their gang for the event. Please check out their blogs as they are all awesome and write much better blogs than mine! Claire (The Witt Family), Emma (With Happy Hearts), Jeni (Poole Mamma), Natalie (One Busy WAHM) and Amy (Everything Mummy)- thank you so much for a fabulous weekend! Same again next year?

I wrote my post Brit Mums post on the train home, i was still on a high from the conference and had 3 whole hours to fill so i am going to type up what i wrote as it is all a bit of a blur now! So here goes…

I have just experienced the wonder that is Brit Mums Live. I’ve known about this event for a few years but this year i took the plunge and bought a ticket (well my husband talked me into it as he knew i would he sat home regretting it if i didn’t go). I was fortunate to meet with a lovely group (names and links above), which made the experience even better. So as a first timer, here is what i learnt.

  1. Bloggers are lovely – There was such a friendly atmosphere the whole 2 days, when talking to brands, people interacted with each other rather than try and out do each other (not that i expected that anyway!)
  2. Information Overload! – You take a LOT of information in a short amount of time, i’m drafting this on the train home and my head feels like it’s going to explode with all the inspiration and information inside of it.
  3. Not all sessions may be what you expect – Now this maybe my own fault as there may have been more information on the BritMums website for each session, but when i attended the ‘Marketing your Writing’ session, i thought this was going to be in regard to my blog writing but it turned out to be a session on how to get yourself a book published – something i have no desire to do and felt sad that i wasted a session.
  4. You can’t do everything! Firstly, there was probably 2 sessions in every block that i wanted to do and i could only choose 1, sometimes i felt i made the right decision and as stated above, sometimes i made the wrong decision. There was so many faces that i recognised so well from the virtual world and it was so nice seeing them in the fleshbut i didn’t get time to talk to them all. Aby You Baby Me Mummy was one person i really wanted to say hi too but i just didn’t find the time. I did however get to say hi to Emma Brummy Mummy of 2 and Ceri Ginger Warrior both gorgeous and bubbly.
  5. You will get very broody! The babies were all gorgeous, all the Mummy’s deserved a medal as i found it so tiring and overwhelming and i didn’t have a little person to look after and carry around with me! Little Harry (Oh So Amelia) just melted my heart with his cuteness and other cuties including The Mummy Adventure & Ghostwriter Mummy babies, both of which i have seen grow from bump to baby.
  6. You will experience the whole spectrum of human emotion in a 48 hour period – Seriously, this weekend i have felt nerves, excitement, joy, inspiration, overwhelmed… I’ve laughed (mainly at wrapping James Daddy Space up in bog roll to break the Guinness World Record for most Mummies wrapped in one room), i’ve giggled (wine may have been involved here – thanks Lindemans) I’ve teared up with joy for every winner of a Bib award – Hayley Down Side Up got me good when she went up for her award! And i shed tears of emotion (Victoria Wright – wow, just wow!) and the key note speakers – the power of the words in their blog posts makes me so proud of everyone in this blogging community.
  7. You will come home inspired – I feel sad that BritMums is all over, it’s like when the hype of Christmas is all over and all the festive magic has gone – but the impact these 2 little days have had will remain with me for a while. I have made amazing friends (i hope!) with people who have a mutual understanding of loving their children so much they want to document every tiny detail

BritMums you were everything i hoped you would be… see you all there next year!

Here is a little video i put together of my photos (not many as i was so busy!) thanks to Realtimes, they were one of the brands at this years BritMums – i think i am going to write a separate post on them as i was so impressed with what they had to offer. You may be seeing more of these montages on the blog in the future!

Poorly Sick – Getting Healthy

This week we are all healthy and feeling well… but i know it won’t last. I’m not being pessimistic, it’s just since Rowan started pre-school in January, he has picked up every germ going and has very kindly shared every single one of them with us. This has resulted in tummy bug after tummy bug and cold after cold.

It’s been pretty pants as i usually have 2 little poorly boys to look after and then before i know it, i get sick too. If i’m ill then it impacts on Ollie who has to come home so i can rest (he is self employed so if he doesn’t work, he doesn’t get paid). Sometimes i have just had to suck it up and look after the boys feeling ill.

It’s horrid when the boys are poorly, they seem so tiny and vulnerable. Selfishly though, i love the snuggles and cuddles i get because all they want is their ‘Mum’, i am that special person, who with one hug can make it all feel better, this makes me feel so special even though i would rather it be that they are not ill.

IMG_20150528_101713 IMG_20150505_120653 IMG_20150417_141711

I have been making some changes however to try and help us get healthier so we can fight off future illnesses. We eat quite well anyway, lots of home cooked food but i have increased the fruit and veg in our diet by hiding it as much as i can so the boys (who are not lovers of veggies) do not know they are eating it. I grate a lot of veggies and mix them into our spag bol, chilli and stews. I have also been making Dragon Juice (green smoothies) regularly, which the boys both love – there is nothing better than watching them drink all their greens and they have no clue tee hee!


I’ve also been making sure we are drinking lots to try and flush out any nasties, the boys are fantastic at drinking water but i’m pretty bad so i have been adding some natural flavour, my current favourite is lime, mint and cucumber. It’s so refreshing.



As well as getting outdoors regularly to get fresh air, i have also got us all some vitamins from Seven Seas, i’m hoping by taking these daily they will give us the boost we need to get through any further illnesses. I’ll let you all know how we get on with them.



For Fred, i got a liquid multivitamin which can be taken from 1 month+, it’s orange in flavour and he loves the taste. He always wants more than the 5ml he’s allowed a day!

Rowan, i got the Mr Men/Little Miss (he loves Mr Men, so this has definitely helped him take his vitamin) Calcium & Vitamin D strawberry flavour. I bought Rowan expensive multivitamins in the past from Holland and Barrett and he wouldn’t take them – they were quite chalky though so i couldn’t blame him. These are more like a jelly sweet, again, he wants more than one a day as he likes them so much!

For myself, i got Perfect 7 Woman as i wanted something to help me with my hair growth after having the boys and to give me a bit more energy. Perfect 7 covers Skin/Nails, Hair, Energy, Brain, Vision, Heart and Hormonal Activity! A nice all rounder i think!

Hopefully, these little changes will keep all them bugs at bay – fingers crossed!!!

Nail HQ Review

I was recently sent 3 Nail HQ products to try out. Nail HQ is a new generation of nail treatments, using cutting edge ingredients and formulations. Nail HQ offers you naturally beautiful nails that are nourished, strong and glossy.

I tested out the Protect and Repair nail treatment – With Root Ginger, Rice Protein, Soy Protein & Hydrolysed Collagen. This clear coat is formulated for weak and soft nails.

Contains water to help hydrate/moisturise and condition. This helps maintain nail flexibility.

Initially i had to apply one coat without colour and then reapply daily over the existing coats until my nails improved. I did this for 5 days and my peeling nails definitely improved in this time.


Once my nail health had improved i tried the Nail Hardener – Nail care treatment specifically formulated for thin and weak nails. The external reinforcement provided by this Mineral-enriched formula will help nails become tougher and more bend resistant.

This formula is designed to help toughen and protect the nail. It will help prevent nail brittleness and splitting to normalize and promote nail growth.

This product contains collagen & a unique mineral complex infused with Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Aluminium and Manganese.

I used this product under whatever nail colour i was wearing. It made my nails tougher allowing them to grow without splitting or breaking. I could easily apply my nail varnish over the top of the product.


The 3rd product was a Gel Top Coating – The fast drying Gel top coat seals in colour, protecting against chipping and extending wear time.

The formulation leaves an ultra glossy smooth finish, without the need of a UV lamp.

Optical brighteners add a gloss finish.

Unfortunately, the glass bottle cracked as i tried to open the lid so i was unable to try this product :(


After a week of trying the Protect and Repair and Hardener products my nails looked and felt a lot stronger and healthier.


Nail HQ products do feel just like salon quality products and cost between £5.99-£7.99 so are a lot cheaper than a salon treatment. They have a number of nail products, treatments and nail care to suit all your nail needs. You can find out where to purchase Nail HQ HERE

Disclaimer: I was sent 3 Nail HQ products to review. All comments are my own honest opinion.

Lola Pug Children’s Book Review

My little boys love books, we always head to bed that little bit earlier so we have time for a couple of stories. So when i was contacted and asked whether i would like to review a new Children’s book titled ‘Lola Pug’, i really couldn’t refuse!


Lola Pug is written by Carina Lagnado and beautifully illustrated by Emily Colenso. Lagnado was born and bought up in Geneva, however she now lives in Taunton, Somerset (not far from where i live actually) with her family and of course Lola the Pug… the pug is real folks!!

The story is about a family who live in the countryside, surrounded by their pets and farm animals, however the daughter really wants one more pet… a dog. They end up choosing the adorable pug Lola, however not everyone sees her as adorable, most of the animals on the farm think she looks strange or they can’t decide what animal she is exactly supposed to be. Just as you start to feel sorry for Lola, she ends up being the star of the local village fair and has a happy ending.

I love the underlying message that even if you are a little different, you can still be the star of the show by just being yourself – a delightful message to offer to little people reading the story.


IMG_0185 IMG_0184 IMG_0183 IMG_0182

The book is aimed at children 5+ but actually Rowan (who is 3.5 years old) loved this book, he enjoyed the detail in the pictures and asked lots of questions on why the animals were being a bit mean to poor Lola, he was so happy in the end when Lola became the star of the story. He also loved the fact that Lola the pug is real and their is a gorgeous photo of her at the end of the book. It really brought the story to life seeing the real dog in the story.

We have read the book a couple of times now, it’s currently in Rowan’s favourite night time book pile and only a few books make it into the special pile governed by my 3 year old!

Overall, it is a sweet story, with an important underlying message. The story is an ideal length to read to a child and the detail of the pictures offers the child to open up their imagination and ask further questions. All in all we love Lola Pug (who we thought was adorable all the way through the book).

Disclaimer: I was sent Lola Pug to review. However, the comments in this review are my own honest opinion (or rather Rowan’s opinion!)

Tips to Improve Your Skin Condition FAST

Is your skin condition getting on your nerves? Do you wish you could make it all go away and have flawless skin? Luckily for you, there are a few ways you can improve the condition of your skin and FAST – when my skin is experiencing a break out, I try and follow the below tips to help improve the situation! – just take a look:

Drink Lots of Water and Green Tea

Up your water and green tea intake as soon as you can. Water helps to flush out fat and toxins, and will give you a lot of energy. Ideally, you should be drinking 2 litres a day, but more if you exercise. Green tea contains antioxidants, which is also great for the body and skin. If you want extra detoxifying properties, add lemon. Lemon is brilliant for cleansing the skin!


Change Your Pillowcases Regularly

If you don’t bother changing your pillowcases, you’re going to begin to get bacteria and other nasty things on your face – yuk! If your skin is particularly bad, try swapping them over every other day and noticing whether it makes a difference or not.

Overhaul Your Diet

Take a long, hard look at your diet and decide whether it could be contributing to your skin problems. Eating greasy, sugary food and even processed food can be really bad for the skin. Instead, include lots of natural foods. You can still have treats, but you shouldn’t tip the balance.

Get Some Sleep

How much sleep are you getting? Failing to get enough sleep will leave you with bags, dark circles, and other problems. Go to bed at the same time at night and get up at the same time in the mornings. You’ll notice an improvement in your energy, mood, and skin too (this isn’t always easy when you have kiddies, but try your best!)

Start Cleansing Properly

Cleansing properly is a must. Sometimes, it just isn’t enough to use a makeup wipe or a cleanser. Try doing a double cleanse with your cleanser after using a makeup wipe to ensure you’re getting rid of the maximum amount of dirt and grime. You can then follow with a toner and moisturiser. You should cleanse twice a day for the best results.

Go to a Salon

Why not treat yourself to a salon treatment? I’m a firm believer that mums should treat themselves. Even if you’re not a mum, I’m sure you work hard – do it! There are multiple things you could try that will leave your skin looking amazing almost instantly. Salons have tools like the ABC lasers machine, which tighten skin. They can help with a whole host of other problems too. Go for a consultation if this interests you!

See a Doctor

If you have severe acne or something similar troubling you, see a doctor ASAP. They will prescribe you something strong to help clear up the problem and leave you feeling confident again.

Me & Mine: A Family Portrait {May 2015}

I wrote not long ago about regretting not recording more of my pregnancies and the boys growing up on my blog… i also said that it is never too late so even though i am effectively a day late for the linky, i am joining in Dear Beautiful’s Me & Mine Linky!

This is us in May… the setting isn’t anything special, just us in our living room but i’m just happy that we took it! I am the photo taker in our household, so there are hundreds of photos of the boys with their dad and hardly any of all us in the photo. This was just a timer photo that we took before going out for a Sunday lunch a couple of weeks ago… the setting is bad, the photo is awesome because we are all in it!


This month;

Me: I have had a busy month, travelling to the Midlands for my cousin’s 30th fancy dress party – i went as Dorothy from the wizard of Oz! The boys stayed in Devon and i missed them like crazy. I also organised my friends spa weekend and had another night away but this time only in Exeter so felt better as i was closer to the boys. It was nice having some relaxing me time and spending a great weekend with my good friend and the bride to be Jenny.

Ollie: As always has been working really hard, we are so proud of daddy, he is doing so well with his business. It’s hard when you are self employed but Ollie just gets on with it and even after a 10-12 hour day gets home and has all the time in the world for the boys and me.

Rowan: this month has got a little obsessed with Octonaughts and Mr Bean! His favourite craft is cutting, which turns my house into something that resembles a confetti factory and he loves dancing to David Guetta – Titanium (he is definitely my son!) As ever. he still has the kindest, sweetest nature and looks out for his brother. He has started to sing lots too and is more than happy to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to soothe his brother when he is tired. He still loves snuggling on the sofa with a blanket like a little old man! We have had a few meals out this month and both boys have made us so proud with their behaviour… we are very lucky!

Fred: continues to amaze us at how grown up he has become and how he doesn’t miss a thing. He doesn’t say much in terms of actual words but can easily converse with us through sounds and pointing. He loves to dance, even though he has been poorly this month, he still has had a lovely smile on his face and he’s same gorgeous nature. Fred is more like Ollie in his ways, he can not sit still. He doesn’t need to be entertained and is more than content to potter around the house. He doesn’t like loud noises like dogs barking or noisy motorbikes. He still wakes up several times a night ((yawn))!

What’s to come: We are currently planning our family holiday to France in September. In June, Ollie and I have a friends wedding, meeting our little nephew for the first time and i am attending my 1st ever blogging conference BritMumsLive, i think the last weekend in June is the only one we have free! I plan to continue driving more and getting out and about. We have had one sickness after the other since Rowan started pre-school in January – hopefully June is the month that we are illness free (fingers crossed)!!!

dear beautiful

Beefeater Restaurant Taunton (The White Lodge) Review

Today the family and I were fortunate to try some of the offerings at the Beefeater Restaurant Taunton.

The White Lodge is a newly refurbished Beefeater restaurant not far from the M5 and the town centre of Taunton. The building is attractive and spacious with plenty of free parking.

IMG_0180 IMG_0179

We were welcomed by a friendly gentlemen who took us straight to our table, he offered us a high chair for little Fred, gave us the adult menus and handed Rowan the kids Mr Men, Little Miss menu & activity book and crayons… we had 2 happy campers straight away! We were immediately asked what we would like to drink and these arrived quickly. We had a very nice host called Carly, she was very friendly and approachable. Nothing seemed a problem and we got everything we ordered. She even helped Ollie decide on what to have as he was quite torn.



The first thing we noticed was how clean and fresh the restaurant looked, the space inside was light and airy. Each table had different style chairs but all complemented each other. Through the other room where there was an open kitchen was booth style seating, which again was spaced out and looked comfortable. It was nice to eat where you didn’t feel like you were sitting on each other and the person on the next tables lap!



There were also cute little pieces on the wall like this set of cow plates!


There was a lot of choice on the Mr Men/Little Miss menu, i loved how it was designed for the child to point out what they would like.


Rowan took plenty of time choosing what he would like to eat. Rowan is only 3 years old so typed menus mean nothing to him, he really enjoyed that he could see the meals and that he could pick the foods he liked best.


He went for the 3 course option:


Poor Fred is recovering from a nasty tummy bug and possibly a sudden adverse reaction to dairy (but that’s a whole other post!) So he stuck to plane biscotti and fruit bars (the staff had no issue with us using our own snacks for Fred – but we did ask first and told them the reason why).


Rowan’s tastebud tickler came out first, he opted for cheesy nachos with salsa. The portion was very generous – much to Rowan’s joy!


Once Rowan had finished, a short time later out came the mains. Rowan requested sausage and mash, but swapped his peas for garlic bread. The portion was a great size for a child with 3 sausages, a good amount of mash, a slice of garlic bread and a little jug of gravy on the side. Rowan loved being able to tip a bit of gravy on the mash.


Ollie went for the 10oz rump steak with skinny fries (which were unlimited – his eyes lit up when he was told this) – the fries also come as plain, cajun spiced or chilli and lime spiced. He asked for his steak to be cooked medium and he said it was cooked just as he asked – so a thumbs up there.


After debating on whether to get a burger, i finally decided on the Salmon Fillet – Oven baked wild Pacific salmon with a herb crust, served on a bed of kale and cherry tomatoes in garlic & parsley cream with dauphinoise potatoes.


The flavours were stunning but the only complaint i had of this meal was the salmon was a little dry, which is a shame as it would have been perfect otherwise. Luckily, there was enough sauce in the dish to help me swallow it but it was still dry none the less.

We finished our mains, at this point it was about 5:30pm and the restaurant had started to get busier. We had to wait a while for our plates to be cleared. Carly then offered us the dessert menu and asked if we required any more drinks (some of the drinks are bottomless) so we put another order in for drinks. It took a good 15-20 minutes for our drinks to arrive and for Carly to take our dessert order (but she was busily running around and not standing around doing nothing).

The gentleman who showed us to our table when we arrived came up to us and commented on how nice and well behaved our boys were, we thought this was lovely that he took the time to tell us this. The boys are very good when we are out and we are proud of them for that.

The desserts arrived quite quickly once we got our order in, Rowan opted for the Mr Men Mini Chocolate Challenge, he could create his own pudding with ice cream, chunky chocolate fudge brownies, marshmallows and chocolate sauce.



Ollie went for the Bannoffee Pie, he was informed a short time later that they had run out of bananas but he could still have the pie, which he did. He really enjoyed it even if it was missing a vital ingredient!


I opted for the cookie dough sundae (the diet will start tomorrow!) It was lovely with plenty of brownie in the bottom of the glass (i had to leave some as it was such a big portion size).


So to summarise;

The style/layout of the restaurant: the restaurant was very clean, neat, light and airy. It had a spacious feel and was in a great location.

Menu variation, quality & cost: there was plenty of variation on both the kids and the adult menu. The menus are easy to navigate and set out clearly – like i mentioned, the kids menu is very kid friendly, with lots of colour and photos. The Mr Men/Little Miss theme immediately makes the menu interesting to kids. Rowan did really well with his meal and normally he is so picky with food & leaves lots. I think because he knew exactly what he was going to get, there were no nasty surprises for him. His 3 course meal was £5.99 – i thought this was amazing value for money as there was so much food. Ollie’s meal was £13.79, again for a great steak cooked exactly as you want and unlimited fries (yes, Ollie went back for seconds) this was also great value for money. My meal cost £12.49 – now if the salmon hadn’t been so dry, i think this would have been a suitable price for the meal. Desserts were just under £5 each, which is about average for most restaurants, they were worth the money in my opinion. Overall, for a family meal out once in a while, the variation and the cost would bring us back to the Beefeater restaurant again (hell, i need to try the triple beef burger at some point in my life!)

Facilities: The toilets were clean and easy to find, there was also baby changing facilities in the disabled toilet. All were easy to get to if using a wheelchair, or if you have a pushchair.

Staff: The staff were lovely, and seemed really genuine. Carly took the time to speak to the boys each time she visited the table and chatted to Rowan about Spiderman as she noticed he had that on his t-shirt. Fred was smiling at her the whole meal and when Rowan announced quite loudly ‘I like her!’ we knew we had a lovely member of staff looking after us. The only negative was the wait between main and dessert but Carly was busy at the time – she had a friendly smile on her face at all times and did acknowledge that she would be with us when running around. When we left the restaurant both Carly and the gentlemen we spoke to earlier on thanked us and said goodbye.

Overall i give the Beefeater Restaurant in Taunton a big thumbs up, it had a lovely atmosphere to take the family for a meal, with subtle music in the background. The Mr Men/Little Miss activity books and crayons was a nice touch and the staff were friendly and hard working too – Carly was great. We will be back soon!

Disclaimer: I was asked to visit and review the Beefeater Restaurant Taunton. I was given vouchers as part payment for our meal. However, this was my personal experience and my own honest opinion.