It’s my biggest gamble in life and it’s paying off!

Let’s be honest, life would be rather boring if you didn’t take some risks every now and again. Every day, you probably take some gambles no matter how small they may seem. The weather might look a bit iffy outside, but you decided to hang the washing on the line anyway. Or you couldn’t quite decide if the parking space was big enough, but you chanced it anyway.

All of these gambles are what makes life that little bit more interesting. But one of the biggest gambles people can make in life is following their dreams and setting up their own business. Usually, it means having to give up a safe, well-paid job to do so, but why not take the risk and give it a go?

2656648036_5b5d116fb1_z (2)

[source  Melody Campbell ]

We’ve all heard stories about people who have hit the jackpot from taking a risk on something like a flutter on the slot machines with all those online providers like betvictor, bgo, CaesarsCasino or any others. It sounds perfect if you are successful so it might be worth brushing up on your skills. This bgo infographic is a good starting point and there is plenty of information out there.

At the same time, those times of taking a gamble can be applied to other areas of your life. It may seem like one of the scariest and potentially most stupid things, but it’s bound to provide a fairly big buzz. So, again, do your research and fine tune your attributes to find your strengths.

Setting up on your own isn’t an easy decision to make and it takes a lot of bravery. Choosing to leave the security of a very good job and go out on your own into the great unknown is a gamble, but it’s bound to be the right decision if it’s something you’re passionate about.

Lots of people are lucky enough to love their job, but not everyone does. Most of the time it serves a purpose. It pays the bills and you get to meet some great people in your day-to-day role. But it might not be that fulfilling and sometimes it’s easy to get tired of the monotony. So, to mix it up a bit, the best thing to do is take a risk and see if it pays off.

First thing’s first, handing in notice in your current role – don’t do it on a whim, mind you, as that probably would be a bit too risky! Do the right research and make sure the biggest gamble looks like it’ll pay off. Super-entrepreneur Richard Branson, who’s very inspiring if you’re looking for some advice and direction (just check out his views on communication below) was once asked in a Twitter Q&A what would grab his attention in a business idea. He said an idea which is “original” and will make a “radical difference” to people’s lives. Bear that in mind when choosing what to pursue, then carry out some market research on friends and family members before deciding what to set up.

Even if the career change of your dreams doesn’t sound “radical”, if it plugs a gap in the place you live, chances are it will be successful and the gamble will pay off.

Think about your target audience. For example, if yummy mummies rule the roost in town, a nice children’s clothing shop or new cafe could appeal to them and draw new business in from surrounding areas.


[by  the UMF ]

Six months down the line, take stock of how things are going and take a look at the ways in which you can improve things even further. Introduce new, exciting ideas to keep things fresh, to make sure the risk really is worth it. Like the buzz you get when you have a little flutter on the slot games on the internet and win, setting up on your own will hopefully make you feel happy every single time you make a new sale.

InstaNatural – Stretchmark Cream Review

I was sent a pot of InstaNatural Stretchmark Cream to review, which is ideal as i gained some great ‘tiger/zebra stripes’ after my 2 pregnancies! I wanted to try this product for a couple of weeks before reviewing to see whether it made a positive impact on my post pregnancy stretchmarks on my tummy area.



The cream comes in an attractive little box & inside is a 120ml pot of cream. The pot packaging looks quite basic considering the product currently retails at £21.95, however to me this means the price is a reflection on the product and not the packaging. The first thing i noticed when i opened the cream was the very pleasant fragrance, it’s quite a strong scent but certainly not overpowering. The scent is clean and fresh and stays on the skin for some time after application.


The cream is thick, rich and luxurious – a little goes along way. I have been using this daily for 3 weeks and have hardly made a dent in the product. From the very first application i noticed how silky and smooth my skin felt. I suffer very dry skin as the water in the area i live is extremely hard but my skin instantly felt baby soft. This created a very positive impact on the appearance of my stretchmarks and the skin on my tummy area. The area as a whole looks smoother, my stretchmarks are more subtle and my skin looks healthy and glowing (and smells gorgeous too).

Like i said previously, the cream is currently £21.95 on Amazon, which i think is reasonable for the product and the results you get. This is probably a little more than i would pay normally but in comparison to some body creams i have bought on the high street, you can certainly tell this is a higher end product as i have never felt my skin so soft and smooth. This product is great for anyone needing a bit of a confidence boost in their post-pregnancy/weight loss skin. This would also be a great product to give to an expectant mother to rub on their bump as it is full of natural and organic ingredients.

I will be happy to show my skin on holiday after using this product. For more information on InstaNatural products you can find them HERE.

I received this product for free for my honest and unbiased feedback.

Do You Need To Organise Wedding Invitations? Here’s How I Did Mine!

When you decide to get married, you will no doubt start the countdown to the big day! As you can imagine, there is plenty to organise and sort out before you get to exchange wedding vows. In fact, it’s not unusual to stress and worry about everything!

You have to think about the venue, who you want to invite and, above all, how you’re going to pay for it all! One of my tasks was to organise people’s wedding invitations. That in itself can be quite a stressful time; trust me! But, I managed to get it done without having a meltdown. Want to know how? Keep reading to find out!


Source: Flickr

Create a list of invitees

As obvious as it sounds, I have some friends that got all flustered because they forgot to invite some folks! That’s why it is important to write down a list of people you want to invite to your wedding.

Your list can be on an Excel spreadsheet or using just good old fashioned pen and paper. You just need to make sure it’s saved somewhere so that you can refer to it when you need to do so.

Think about the format of your wedding invitations

Congratulations, you have now made a list of people you want to invite to your special day! You now need to think about how you are going to invite them! Standard practice is to send them a wedding invitation in the post.

Even in the digital age that we live in today, getting an invitation by post is both formal and nice. Much better than sending someone an email or text, in my opinion! Of course, the decision is yours. Just make sure you choose a format where people will definitely receive your invitation!

Be specific with your guests

When you send out your invitations, you need to make sure you’re specific with your RSVPs! Otherwise, people won’t know how to respond to you. Or even if they’re meant to do so, believe it or not!

Your invitations should contain the following information:

  • Date, time and venue of the wedding;
  • Details on how to RSVP; and
  • The deadline for doing so.

You could encourage responses by including a stamped addressed envelope. It’s convenient for your guests and makes them more motivated to respond to you.

Give people options

Sometimes people might be too busy to go and put something in the post! If they don’t want to RSVP by post, you could offer them other choices. For example, they could email, text or even send you a message by carrier pigeon.

I have a friend that even setup a Facebook invitation so people could just respond on there instead!

Don’t forget to follow up on those invites

Last but not least, you should follow up the invitations where you’ve not received a response. People lead busy lives and can sometimes forget that they’ve not replied to your invite!

I hope today’s blog post has been a big help to you. Thanks for reading!

Bath Time With The Kids Doesn’t Have To Be A Nightmare

If you have children, then you will know that bathtime can be a nightmare. While most bath times probably go without a hitch, every so often you end up with tantrums, tears and lots of screaming – sound familiar?

Whether your little one starts sobbing the minute the b-word is mentioned, or you cringe at the thought of bathtime, you need some help. Don’t worry, you’re not alone, at some point or another, us mums all need a helping hand.


To help make your bath time routine more enjoyable for you and your little one, I thought I would share my bathtime survival tips with you. (Hopefully these tips will help make bath time less stressful and more fun!)

Use bath toys to distract them

If your little one is fussy when it comes to bath time, the key is to distract them. The best way to keep your kids occupied when in the tub is with lots of fun bath time toys. While your child is happily playing with their toys, you can quickly give them a wash.

Another tip that I found massively helpful with my little one was to keep bath toys exclusively for bath time. I never let my son play with them during the day, so that come bath time, he was excited to play with his special bath time toys.

Teach your child to use their imagination

If your child gets sick of their bath time toys – at some point it may happen, the best thing to do is teach them to use their imagination. Think of lots of fun games that your kids can play while in the bath – perhaps the bath could become a pirate ship or the sea?

If your child plays certain games around the house, like playing spacemen, encourage them to continue those games while in the bath.

Make baths fun with bubbles

If your little one is scared of the water, a great way to get them passed that is by using bubbles to make baths more fun. As well as regular bubble baths, you can also get child-friendly, no more tears ones – I would definitely recommend getting one of them.

You can also get bubble bath that comes in different colours, this is great for making bath time more fun. Large bubble wands are also a favourite at our house, as they are so much fun to play with. Show your child that bath times can be fun by blowing bubbles with them and crafting bubble beards, and you can help to ease their anxiety.

Keep yourself entertained

Once you get your child into the habit of loving bath time, the only problem is that they will never want to get out. The best thing to do in this case is set them a bath time limit of 30 to 45 minutes, and make sure that you stick to it. Yes, you want to encourage bath time fun, but you don’t want to create a bath monster.

To keep yourself occupied while your little one is enjoying bath time, there are lots of things that you can do to pass the time in the bathroom. You could read a book or magazine, or catch up on the news on your smartphone. If you are a blogger, like me, you could plan out a few blog posts, or even, start writing one. There are lots of simple ways that you can keep yourself entertained and sane during bath time, all you need is your smartphone or a good book.

Instead of staying in the bathroom with their child, some parents choose to leave them in there alone. However, I would say that until your children are at least six or seven, don’t leave them unattended in the bath. Obviously, it’s up to you, but for me, it’s too bigger risk. Kids can drown in an inch of water, so it’s crucial that you are always there keeping an eye on them.

Believe it or not, bath time can be a fun experience for you and your child. It might take some time to get it right, but once you have discovered how to make your child enjoy their bath, bath time will go much smoother.

‘Later Mummy’

I say at least one of these phrases every day…

‘Just a minute’… a minute that goes on forever.

‘I promise… I will play cars with you shortly’… but i hardly ever do.

‘I can’t right now’… but i could if i really wanted to.

‘I’m busy, you’ll have to wait’…. but he waits and waits.

‘Now is not a good time’… Is there ever a good time?

‘I’ve just got to finish this and i’ll be right with you’…. but i never finish.

‘…later sweatheart’…. later never comes.

So my heart filled with sorrow when i asked Rowan something recently and he said ‘I can’t, i’m busy mummy’ and just today when i asked him to tidy up before bath time ‘i’ll do it later mummy’… he is using my phrases that i don’t even realise i say so often but more than not are mumbled to him everyday.

Then i thought about it today, what happens when Rowan gets to the age where he doesn’t want to ask me anything as he will know the answer will be one of the above? What happens when he stops asking me if we can paint a picture? go for a walk? make a den? because ‘later’ just never bloomin’ comes. I don’t want to be that type of Mum.

Tomorrow will be a day of Yes’s.

Week 4 of 8: Health and Fitness Challenge Update


Erm… so where did the last month go? I’m half way through my 8 week challenge. I was so going to try and update my blog weekly but unfortunately a teething toddler and then 2 poorly kids in the mix, i did what any good Mum should do, my blog was pushed to the side in order to make sure they were all ok. I have however been eating less and moving more and over the past 4 weeks i have lost 5lb’s! I’m very happy with this.




I have been eating some lovely home cooked meals, i just eat a smaller portion than i normally would – no lettuce leaves or deprivation here. I’m loving slow cooked free range chicken, as a 1.5kg chicken will provide enough meat for 3 meals over 3 evenings! I’ve also been enjoying yoghurt and fruit for breakfast and have also been having a lot of eggs (scrambled with hot salsa) i’m just not a cereal person! I still need to focus on drinking more water, i am pretty bad at keeping hydrated. I also have have re-picked up a bad habit… finishing the kids left overs! This is something i need to stop doing as there is a lot of hidden calories in all those extra mouthfuls!


Fitness has been tough as the boys are still so small, so when they are unwell they just want me – this can be very tiring for me so i have been going to bed super early to try and rejuvenate myself – this cuts into workout time, i have also tried to get up early but after many broken night sleeps, when the alarm has gone off at 4:45, i have turned it off, rolled over and got as much sleep as i could get, so feel like i have failed a little bit here.

I have just purchased Fitness Blenders 8 Week Fat Loss Program for Busy People, it cost just over £5 and is right up my street! You do a different workout everyday so you never dread a workout. I love Fitness Blender, it’s mostly HIIT, which i enjoy so stick to it a lot better than when i have done T25 in the past – it’s too intense, maybe i’ll work up to doing that one day. I did do the first Booty workout by Fitness Blender and i remember at the time thinking, ‘oh they are starting the workouts easy to break people into it’ Oh have naive was I? I literally couldn’t walk for 3 days – yes i am that unfit! I am going to restart this week however, i will be able to get in just over 5 weeks of the plan before my holiday & just under 4 weeks before the end of the challenge – ideally i would like to lose another 5lb – so watch this space!


I’m disappointed that i haven’t been using my diet doodle diary, i’m putting it right next to my bed now so i remember to complete it! I have half hearted attempted adding my food into myfitness pal but since i took it off my phone to make more room as storage is running out, i forget to add to it. Going to rectify this by jiggling things about and deleting lots of my phone so i can put it back on there. I have added all my Fitness Blender Workouts to my google calender and i’m loving keeping a tab on things in my filofax. I have bought a hole punch for my filofax so i am looking for a record sheet to print off to keep a tally on my weight, measurements etc.


It’s going OK, the kids being ill over a couple of weeks meant my moving more has been reduced but they are all better now, so onwards and upwards. I’m feeling very positive and feel so happy that i am eating the same foods as the family (albeit just a smaller portion), roast dinners, fruit crumbles… ice cream. I do not feel deprived, so have no issue with food or lack of food. I need to work on being consistent with working out and finding a time of day that works best for me to work out. I also need to keep a better record of my progress. I work better under pressure. I have just under 4 weeks until i want to go out for a nice meal with Olllie on Brixham Harbour and plan to make some more changes to my weight and shape before then. Hope you are all doing great too!


Me and Mine: A Family Portrait Project – July 2015

The fact that it is the 5th August and i have only just remembered to post my Me and Mine photo, kinda sums up this month for me. I feel like i have been treading water in treacle! I’ve been disorganised in all aspects of my life and i don’t like it one bit! I haven’t vlogged in ages, i owe so many reviews and my house (no matter how many hours i try and spend tidying it) is always a mess. Just every now and again i lose a bit of control and it drives me crazy. Rowan’s pre-school is closed for 3 weeks over the summer and i didn’t realise how much i relished the 8 hours a week he is there. Normally he is there 4 hours Tuesday and Wednesday and in that time Fred normally has a nap, so i get… free time! I haven’t had this for the last 2 weeks in July and boy am i feeling it, not that i want time away from my boys but to get stuff done i need that time.

Anyway, moving onto my Me and Mine photo, July we went to Cornwall for a family Christening, the weather was forcast to be terrible, which was a shame as after the christening we were all invited back to the grandparents house in St Agnes (which is stunning) for a garden party… However, luck would change and the sun shone and it was a glorious day!



This month we booked our first family holiday abroad! We’re off to Eurocamp in September and the boys are very excited about sleeping on the big boat. So this means one thing… i need to get in shape! I Love (with a capital L) Fitness Blender on youtube but i find even though they have 100’s of workouts i keep doing the same ones, so i purchased their 8 week fat loss program for busy people (all workouts are under 30 mins). I started them last week but was in so much pain i’m having to pace myself a little bit! I’m also clean eating as much as possible… 6 weeks to go until we are on holiday so plenty of time to lose weight and tone up a little.

Rowan has turned into a real young man this week, i just keep looking at his face to see if there is any ounce of baby face left in him but it’s almost gone, he is a real boy now. It’s bittersweet, he is healthy and growing (and i appreciate that more than anything)  but i want him to stay my baby forever. He is so excited about starting bigger pre-school in September as 2 of his best friends are going to be in his class, i am trying not to show that i am a little anxious about it, he will be mixing with reception children which will be fantastic for his learning, but it means he is one step closer to going to school WAHHHH!!!!

With Fred i have to remind myself he is still so little, he is so switched on it is unbelievable. The second child really does take everything in like a super, duper, absorbent sponge. He is saying more and more words, mainly ‘da da’ and ‘more?’ but he repeats many words too. He loves independent play and has zero interest in TV. Give him a pile of cars and a garage and he will play for hours. He follows his big brother everywhere and has been so affectionate with me. He gets upset if we are all play fighting and someone gets me (he’s not bothered about dad or brother lol) and he gets a teeny bit jealous if Rowan and I are having a cuddle.

The bond between the 2 brothers is blossoming lovely, they sit together on the floor and cover each other with a blanket, Ro could sit for hours like this, however, Fred ‘Mr Ants in his Pants’ lasts a maximum of 5 mins. When they think i am not looking, i see Rowan trying to teach Fred things and them both having a cuddle – it’s one of those ‘core memories’ i will keep forever (yes i’ve seen Inside Out – can you tell?)

And as for Ollie, i can not wait for our holiday and to spend some quality time together. We’ve had a tough couple of weeks as Fred has been teething badly, it’s the last 2 pesky fang teeth coming through – so we have been experiencing some sleepless nights. However, we have been working as a team so each of us can try and catch up on sleep… how the hell did we get through the newborn sleepless nights? TWICE?

That’s it for this month, i’m off now making memories for August’s Me and Mine :)

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Passports, Christian Grey, Orange Buzz, Trance, Monsters and France! #LittleLoves


2015-07-31 15.34.57

I’ve been reading this blooming leaflet all week making sure i got the boys passport applications right… yes i know the Post Office do a check and send service, but i am a tight bum and wanted to save myself £20!! Also i soon realised that i would need to send our marriage certificate with their applications as my passport is still in my maiden name (again i am a tight bum and refuse to buy another passport at full cost just to change my name) and the boys birth certificates have my married name on them… oi is nothing ever simple!!!


Ooh Er Misses… i finally watched 50 Shades of Grey. I only read the first book in the trilogy as wasn’t keen on how it was written and i thought ‘how the devil are they going to convey some of the scenes into a film?’ However, i thought Jamie Dornan playing Christian Grey and Dakota Johnson playing Anastasia Steele were the perfect people for the job, so well done Hollywood for picking them. I actually really enjoyed the film and thought it was very tastefully presented… I also thought Mr Grey was hot and got a little flush cheeked in parts but that may have been the Pinot Grigio i was drinking?


2015-07-25 11.33.23
Damn you Summer giving us what felt like Wintery weather last week, to brighten my day because the Sun wasn’t going to do it i wore some bright orange nail varnish. This one was Orange Buzz by Rimmel, my favourite is still Coralicious by Rimmel but i’m going to save that for my holidays.


I can’t put Stereophonics again can I? Even though i have been blasting ‘I wanna get lost with you’ all week, so i am going to go with a classic. Every now and again, i need to get my steps up on my fitbit and have a burst of energy so i pop this tune on and dance with the boys in my kitchen. I have worked out i can up my steps by 1000 if i dance like a loon for the whole duration of the song!


2015-07-25 12.04.21
One rainy day this week, whilst Fred was napping. Rowan and I made this paperbag monster puppet. It was a bargain of £1 in the local co-op and they give you everything you need (bar scissors) to make 2 paperbag puppets…. we are saving the other puppet for another rainy day so you’ll probably see it next week if UK weather has anything to go by!


We have booked our first ever family holiday… i feel terrible that Rowan is almost 4 and we have never been on a proper holiday yet. We are lucky to have family down in Cornwall and the in’laws live in Brixham so we have had our fair share of long weekends but this is a real holiday, in a foreign country! Ollie has been building up his business and this is the first chance we have had really to go away. I  have posted off the boys passports today… hope there are no problems as we go on the 14th Sept! We are heading to Eurocamp in France, to say i am excited is beyond belief! When i told Rowan all about our holiday and that we will be going on a big boat etc, he said ‘WOW… we’re going on an aeroplane!’ Gulp, nope, no we’re not son! I think he understands now that we are going on the boat (or he’s going to be really disappointed) he keeps telling everyone that he is going on his holidays and that there is a TV on the boat. We are going overnight from Plymouth and he is so excited that there is a TV in our room, not sure how to break it to him that there is no TV in our accommodation at Eurocamp LOL!  Just over 6 weeks until our holiday, i need to start working out more!!!

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King, Outcast, Coconut Oil, Stereophonics, Chicken & Filofax! #littleloves



I used to read a lot of Stephen King books when i was a teenager, i came across this one on a charity stall, so got it for 30p! I’m only a chapter in and i’m already hooked, i just like the way King writes, i will hopefully be more into it this time next week so i will let you all know how it goes, you never know with Stephen King how far fetched the story may go but i think this is a more realistic story of his!



I watched the 2 part drama The Outcast this week. It was shown on BBC1 and was an adaptation of the novel written by Sadie Jones. The first episode had me gripped, i won’t spoil it but it was very emotional and the little boy actor was fabulous. You really feel empathy for the boys character and just want to grab him and give him a massive motherly hug. I have to say though, i was a little disappointed with the 2nd episode, it felt like it didn’t really go anywhere in the one and a half hours it was on. The emotion wasn’t there like the first episode, what felt like a really great drama after episode one, was completely lost on episode 2.



This week i wore coconut oil in my hair, i’ve been doing this once a month for a couple of months now. I just put coconut oil through my hair on the days i know we are staying in for the day (and just hope no one turns up on my doorstep unexpected!) – i leave it as long as i possibly can and then wash it out. It leaves my hair so silky and smooth after. My hair took quite a beating after my 2 pregnancies and coconut oil is definitely helping repair it. A little tip if anyone wants to try coconut oil as a hair treatment, put the shampoo straight onto the hair before wetting it, i find it gets the oil out a lot better this way.


Yes, i’ve gone for another Stereophonics song this week, it’s their new release ‘I wanna get lost with you’ and it is beautiful. I was a big fan of the band in my late teens and have seen them in concert a few times. Recently however, i have loved everything that they have brought out, ‘Indian Summer’, ‘C’est la vie’ and now this little gem!



I made a lovely roast chicken in my slow cooker, i just coated it in smoked paprika and put it on low for 6 hours. The meat just falls off and i get a great result every time i cook it like this, it also frees up lots of space in the oven so it’s easier to cook a roast dinner. I buy a medium free range chicken from aldi and i can spread it out over 3 meals for the 4 of us!


2015-07-22 21.16.15

I have re-fallen in love with my filofax! I was starting to regret replacing my Collins Elite Compact diary at the start of the year with my filofax, i just couldn’t get on with it, so in a last ditched attempt i purchased the Paperchase 18 month diary insert. It arrived today and i am over the moon, the layout is so much clearer than the filofax ones, it is also lined and it is just so much better. I can not wait to start filling it up tonight when the boys are in bed (how sad!) I may have even looked up #filofaxaddict on Instagram to see how i can make it look pretty (again, how sad!)


Week 1 of 8: Health & Fitness Challenge Weigh In



Has it really been a whole week already since i posted about starting my 8 week health and fitness challenge?

Well i weighed in this morning and i am down 3 pounds!!!! I’m very happy with this and i even had a treat meal Friday of a Chinese take out… remember it’s about eating less and moving more. So this is how some of my week looked…



Above are some of the meals i have been eating this week;

Top l-r: spinach and cheese omellete with fromage frais and salsa, lean bacon, lettuce and tomato salad with a brioche roll, chicken salad with mild chillies, baby beetroot and grated cheese.

Centre l-r: chicken dinner soup, fresh veggies ready for roasting, spinach and cottage cheese omellete which ended up like scrambled egg!

Bottom l-r: Spinach and egg scramble, nut roast dinner with roasted veg and salad, sausage vegetable bake.

I have felt like i have really eaten lots this week but have tried to keep it as clean as possible. I’ve had some lovely meals and tried some new recipes. I will write this weeks meal plan in a blog post tomorrow.


I’ve been getting my steps in and even been out walking in the crazy British Summer rain to get those steps up! I also managed an evening workout as i was offered a free trial of Mummy Workouts – it’s a web cam based exercise class! You follow the instructor live on your computer and you have the choice of turning your web cam on so only the instructor can see you and offer you personal support or if you are a little shy like me when first starting a new exercise class (yes i was the person who stood right at the back when i used to go to classes at the local leisure centre!) you can leave your camera off. The workout was a good one and i was sweating after (and ached for a couple of days too). I like the idea of web cam based classes but i can not always comment to doing a class at a certain time in the evening – hence why i am a big fan of the youtube channel Fitness Blender. However, Mummy Workouts will soon be recording the workouts so they will be on demand too, which is great and it is also a low cost option compared to classes at the gym (currently £12 a month).


My steps are automatically recorded using my fitbit but i failed a bit recording my food on myfitness pal and also i forgot to record my Mummy Workouts one too. I have a ‘Diet Doodle Diary‘ that i purchased from The Works for £2.99 and keep meaning to use that, so i i will try harder this week.



I’ve enjoyed this first week, i know i still have lots of areas of improvement, especially in terms of doing more exercise. The food aspect, i have really enjoyed eating lots of fresh fruit, veggies and salads. My mood has been really good, even though most of the week the weather has been gloomy (the weather always affects my mood). My energy levels are up but i am still needing 2-3 cups of caffeine a day and i am drinking nowhere near my recommended water intake, this is something i am really going to improve this week. I am more than happy with the 3lb weight loss, now if i can keep it up to 2lb a week i will have lost over a stone during this challenge – wouldn’t that be fabulous?!!

Have you been joining in with the challenge? Let me know how you are getting on!